Daan Van Der Linden NEA

At just 21-years-old Daan Van Der Linden’s skateboarding resume already packs quite the punch. Van Der Linden solidified his spot among the best of his generation when he partnered with Volcom for the “RV Rampage” video last year.  

Now, after speculation built for months, Nike SB finally put the rumors to rest by releasing Van Der Linden’s welcome clip, officially announcing his addition to the team.  

Van Der Linden takes full advantage of the spotlight to tout his deep arsenal of tricks. From his technicality to his transition prowess, Van Der Linden leaves no doubt that he’s among the gatekeepers of the next generation.  

After spending a week in Gran Canaria on a fish trip with his father, Van Der Linden realized it was the perfect place to film his first part with the Nike SB crew. He teamed up with new teammates Fernando Bramsmark, Jacopo Carozzi, Oskar Rozenberg, Wieger Van Wageningen, Youness Amrani and the result is definitely worth your time.  

“Perfectly,” was Carozzi responded when Thrasher asked how Van Der Linden meshed with the team.  

“It’s not like we hadn’t met before! Me and him are the same age so we understand each other pretty good. He doesn’t like to hear it but he’s one of my favorite skaters, so I get a lot of inspiration from him every time I see him skating.” 

The chemistry is already on point so look out for more classic parts from the new-look Nike SB crew. Check out the welcome clip below and check out Van Der Linden’s “Holy Stokes” video here.