Miles Silvas NEA

It seems like every week we get a new edit or video part showcasing new tricks and helping to progress skateboarding. But when you watch clip after clip of skaters pushing themselves to their absolute limits it can be easy to forget that so much of skateboarding is just regular people cruising and having fun on their board. It’s not always about lip slides down hand rails, throwing yourself down giant stair sets, and mastering technical tricks. It’s more about having fun and showcasing your personal style.  

That’s why Miles Silvas’ ‘One Stop’ video for Adidas Skateboarding is so refreshing. Rather than editing together a lot of short clips of difficult tricks Silvas was simply filmed cruising around the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. Silvas still crammed in a lot of tricks and shows off his laid-back style in the one-take short film; but it’s much more representative of what skateboarding actually looks like on a daily basis for the majority of skaters.  

Silvas covers seven city blocks in the five-minute clip taking advantage of the terrain and showcasing his creativity. It’s always nice to see the pros just skate rather than competing or pushing themselves for team videos or magazine covers. It humanizes them and helps us realize that at the end of the day they’re just skaters cruising around the city at night.