There isn’t a rail in the world that Brandon Burleigh is scared of; no matter how sketchy or steep Burleigh’s up for the task. That’s certainly true in Southern California where he just filmed a new edit for TransWorld.  

In the two-and-a-half-minute clip Burleigh touts his prowess on a hand rail with tricks ranging from technical to treacherous. Burleigh’s been ripping up rails for a while now and was even a finalist in TransWorld’s 50-50 contest last year.  

The teaser clip did its job by leaving us wanting more and we’ll get it with Burleigh’s ‘Check Out’ feature in TransWorld’s next issue. You can also check Burleigh and the rest of the San Clemente boys out in the Glen House trailer filmed at TransWorld’s skate park.   

Video Credit: Kyle Creed & Jeremy Creed