Weedmaps NEA

Skateboarding and marijuana have always shared a loose association. While not everyone who skateboards smokes, and not everyone who smokes skateboards, there’s always been a lot of overlap. That’s why its not a surprise that Weedmaps brought Boo Johnson, Tommy Sandoval, and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki together last summer for a skate trip around New York City.

The result was one of the more refreshing video parts to come out of the Big Apple in a while. The crew’s unique style mixed with black and white film effects and a jazzy soundtrack gave the edit an undeniable East Coast feel.

Jaws showed off his style with big heelflips and backside grabs down huge stair sets in front of crowds on Wall Street and around the city. Johnson maneuvered his way down sketchy rail after sketchy rail, and Sandoval used his creativity to uncover spots in sketchy dark alleys.

In the video the three seem to attack the city in a different way, shining a light on lesser known spots and in some cases discovering the cities untapped potential. The crew stayed away from a lot of the well-known destinations, forging their own way through the metropolis. It may have been the free weed that helped unlock a little more creativity and find new spots. Or the free weed made them forget all about the famous destinations. Either way the resulting video is a must watch. Who said stoners were lazy?