Sammy Montano NEA

When he was sent down to Costa Rica to finish high school and live with his mom Sammy Montano didn’t even skate. Upset he didn’t have room for his bike Montano’s brother’s skateboard was his only option.

Now, less than ten years later, Montano has already made a mark among the worlds best. Globe added a real playmaker when they recently signed Montano to the team.

“It’s rough, but it is sick,” Montano told Thrasher on learning to skate in Costa Rica. “They got some good spots in the cities. A lot of it is pretty rural, though, so some places don’t really have roads and sidewalks. You will still see kids learning to skate flat on dirt. Whatever it takes.”

Montano skated and worked for Liberty before being introduced to Doomsayers and eventually honing his skills on the Alien Workshop team.

To mark his next chapter as a member of Globe the team released a welcome video. Take a look and you’ll find out just why Montano’s making waves.