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Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into creating a snowboarding video part? How long does it take to capture the perfect trick? How much travel is really involved in creating a new video? What would life on the road as a professional snowboarder be like?  

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions you are in luck because DC Snowboarding is teaming up with Transworld to bring you the first ever real-time snowboarding content series. You can follow along with the DC team as they travel the world in search of the best powder and biggest tricks.  

Follow the TWSNOW + DC Instagram account (or the #DCTRANSITORS) for the latest content and to interact with the team. They’ll will be releasing a four-part mini-series featuring live videos, instant content, stories, monthly edits, and behind-the-scenes looks into what it takes to throw yourself down a mountain for a living.  

The DC crew will be making five stops globally so be sure to follow along so you can meet the team out when they make it to your neck of the woods.

The DC Team 


The Locations 

DC Snowboarding NEA